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Welcome Educators!

This page is just for you full of hands on and creative resources!

​Thank you for making the 2023-24 school year a success! We plan to continue and grow this partnership with local area schools in the 2024-25 academic year and we couldn't be more excited!

This page will serve as your home base for links to virtual field trips, sign up forms for programs, and registration for contests and prizes! 

We look forward to working with all of our wonderful educators in the upcoming year.

Introduce your class to wildlife virtually.

Beginning in August of 2019, the Roanoke Cashie River Center began to actively add entries on  See what others are seeing in your community and around the world!  


Overview Of Programs

All programs are implemented by one of our Educators. Classes can come to us or we can even come to you to implement a program in your classroom. 


The goal of our programs is to:

- share the history of this unique region.

-inspire environmental stewardship, critical      thinking, and a well-rounded mindset.

-prepare students as they continue to the next chapter of their lives.

-focus on wetland ecosystems, our waterways, and the natural balance of sensitive habit.


We want to engage students in the material they learn in class through hands-on activities and enhance the already existing curriculum being used in schools.

Programs That We Customized To Meet Curriculum Needs

Program Documents

Click the outreach (hands) icon to view the outreach document which outlines our mission statement, goals, and programs.

Click the NC Curriculum based programs to view specific programs designed to meet the common core and NC state standards. Each program is outlined with a description, grade level, materials, and curriculum components. This guide will be updated as new programs are developed

Click the True Colors leadership development icon to learn more about this opportunity. True colors is a great addition to any long term group project designed to help students reach their full leadership potential through collaboration. *This opportunity is not limited to students and is encouraged for faculty.  

Trying to design a Project Based Learning (PBL) Program but don't know where to start? Use guided brainstorming to get started!

All educators want their programs to be successful, especially if it is your first time implementing PBL in a classroom setting. Use the form to the right to ensure your program meets all of the PBL criteria and will benefit the students. 

If you are an educator that has never implemented PBL in the classroom, the first time can seem overwhelming. Below are resources that answer common questions we receive from teachers about PBL. 

I need ideas to get started:

I'm not sure what PBL really is:

Interested in a Program for your school or classroom?

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